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There’s a new original podcast on the horizon. Anthropomania is a story-driven, science-based examination of the weird and wonderful relationship between humans and all types of wildlife.  If you love the planet, you’ll love Anthropomania.  Enjoy the trailer and be sure to subscribe on the usual sites or 

Who Run The World? (Fungi) Anthropomania

Next time you take a sip of your favourite microbrew and tear off a chunk of baguette piled with cheese you might wanna toast to fungi.  Fungus really are among us. From high-priced morels to mold to the medicinal promise of magic mushrooms, fungi were here before us and they'll be here long after we're dust.   They could live without us, but could we live without them? Would we want to?  Listen to the story of a college kid who ran up against a shotgun wielding morel hunter in a forest in Northern Canada while on a quest to find the best patch of mushrooms. Find out what pricey mushroom smells like  sweat and semen, and hear a mycologist who thinks we have a lot to learn from listening to the lowly mushroom.  Show notes:Further reading: Check out Rob Dunn’s Lab here. View Diane Borsato’s work here and stay posted for her upcoming book.Read about the mushroom speaking study hereDon’t forget to rate, review and subscribe! Follow us on Instagram, FB, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok. Subscribe to our newsletter here for bonus content.  
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