Meet Frances MacKinnon

Frances is the Executive Producer and Showrunner for Anthropomania, keeping all the plates spinning, the creativity flowing and attemping to stay one step ahead of a fast moving train.

Fran fell in love with making podcasts before they were the popular kid on the block and has produced series for large and small companies, including DELL Technologies and Facebook (now known as Meta?). For more than a decade she travelled the world making long and short form factual television for Discovery Channel.

She’s an accomplished and in-demand storyteller, producer, and writer with the ability to distill complex data and information into entertaining content. She’s worked with dozens of CEO’s, celebrities and scientists around the world, including the late great Stephen Hawking, in audio, video, coaching and storytelling workshops.

Her accolades include awards from the New York Film & TV Festival, a Gemini nomination, Worldfest Houston and Adweek Podcast awards, among others.

She is a faculty member of the Banff Science Communications program.