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Popular Canadian science broadcaster Jay Ingram (CM) launches original podcast series that examines our complex relationship with wildlife.

ANTHROPOMANIA, the entertaining and thought provoking original series, featuring CBC and Discovery Channel alum Jay Ingram, is a much needed breath of fresh air, inspiring listeners to look at non-human life through a new lens.

TORONTO, MARCH 8, 2020 – A snake with personality. A plant that feels. Feral boars and cocaine hippos. A world famous taxidermist who sings like Roy Orbison. Why do we have such complex relationships with wildlife? All this and more in our inaugural season of Anthropomania.

Dropping on March 15, 2021 across all podcast platforms, the Canadian-made series will explore everything from whether animals have distinct personalities to the enigmas of plant consciousness and the fascinating world of taxidermy. At its helm are heavy-hitting science broadcasters and journalists, including acclaimed television host and bestselling author Jay Ingram (Daily Planet,Quirks and Quarks). He’s joined by two fresh voices: biologist and science journalist, Niki Wilson, and biomedical scientist, Dr. Erika Siren. The trio, alongside fascinating guests, examine — and challenge — our attitudes towards animals, plants, and all life on earth. 

Anthropomania is our made-up word, but the concept has always existed. While anthropomorphism means attributing human qualities to other species, anthropomania is that, but magnified to the extreme. Peeling back the layers of our human-centred perceptions, Anthropomania dares to see the true nature of animals and plant life as they really are. 

“The deeper we dig on Anthropomania, the more we discover there’s hardly a living thing on this planet which doesn’t bear the imprint of humans,” says Ingram. “We hope everyone who listens will see opportunities to change the way they think about the living world.” 

The series fills a gap in the podcast genre, inviting world-class guests to take a contemporary approach to investigating some of the most compelling wildlife questions out there. Weaving together stories and interviews with a diverse cross-section of scientists, experts, and trailblazers, each episode unearths the absurd — sometimes laughable — facets of our own conceptions of the natural world. 

Produced by award-winning production agency Lightscope Creative, the podcast also reunites Ingram with fellow Discovery Channel veteran, and agency founder, Frances MacKinnon (Executive Producer). 

“During this difficult time in the world, Anthropomania provides an upbeat, optimistic approach to looking at non-human life from a new vantage point,” she says. “Listeners are guaranteed to learn something new, but more than anything, we hope they walk away loving the planet and its creatures a little bit more after every listen. And, on International Women’s Day 2021, we are proud to be amplifying female voices in science.”
Anthropomania straddles culture and science, sparking curiosity in the most unexpected of places, and occasionally ruffling a few feathers along the way.


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