Media Release | Season Two

Renowned Canadian science broadcaster Jay Ingram and veteran science journalist Niki Wilson are back for Season 2 of their chart-topping podcast Anthropomania, putting the human relationship with other living things under the microscope.

Toronto, March 7, 2022  

Cocaine hippos. Hummingbird taxidermy. Plants that feel. And that was just season one. Anthropomania is back, and this season we’re diving even deeper into how humans — being humans — create wonderful, weird, and sometimes woefully misguided relationships with animals and plants. This season we’ll check out what goes on behind the cameras in those glorious hour-long nature documentaries.  We’re serving up chicken in a way you’ve never had it before. And we’re asking if it really make sense to try to bring back extinct animals – and who chooses which ones?

Each episode we welcome world class guests, including renowned scientists, researchers and people who are passionate about the planet. We tell great stories, dig into the hard questions and have a lot of fun. Guaranteed you’ll learn something, but more than anything we hope you love the planet and her creatures a little bit more after every listen.

Anthropomania is our word and we’re proud of it, but the concept has always existed. While anthropomorphism means attributing human qualities to other species, anthropomania is that, but blown-up. Peeling back the layers of our human-centred perceptions, Anthropomania dares to see the true nature of animals and plant life as they really are. 

Produced by award-winning production agency Lightscope Creative, the podcast also reunites Ingram with fellow Discovery Channel alum, and agency founder Frances MacKinnon (Executive Producer). 

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